Project Overview

RJE Global was engaged by McDermott Asia Pacific to design and construct four Containerised Commissioning Cabins – temporary commissioning facilities – to be utilised by the Inpex Ichthys project in Batam, Indonesia.

Williams Metal Fabrications (WMF) was chosen as the partner for delivering these cabins with RJE, making this our first project together. WMF’s scope of work was to modify four 40-foot-high cube shipping containers and make them ready for electrical and A/C fit out by RJE Global. The project required a mix of traditional work that our team members are comfortable with and work that was brand new to them.

WMF’s tasks included:

  • Sanding and preparing the floors for a vinyl covering
  • Cutting penetrations into the floors and installing gland plates
  • Cutting penetrations and welding framework into the container walls for 2 PA doors and a single vent in each
  • Fitting the PA doors
  • Lining the walls and ceiling with Bondor panels (this was unique to WMF)
  • Installing an internal door adjacent to the entry door and enclosing this with Bondor to create an air lock.

Challenges for this project included tight timelines and budgets, finding and coordinating with new suppliers (including Next Gen Flooring and Bondor), and maintaining access for all parties throughout (with up to five different trades working together simultaneously).

Despite numerous challenges, all parties worked in complete harmony, displaying clear communication and a can-do attitude. The project was delivered on time, and the end results speak for themselves.

RJE Global
Elizabeth, SA