Project Overview

This project included fabrication and installation of 4-off OH6 and 4-off OH7 wharf tie-down anchors for two new container cranes in Outer Harbour, SA. Our work included:

  • In-house drawing from engineered design drawings
  • Fabrication, blasting and painting
  • Installation through site survey, concrete scanning, concrete breakout, chemical anchors and craneage

After agreeing with the client that the original design for the OH7 anchors was insufficient (making installation very difficult), we arranged for new designs with Aztec Analysis. Other changes we overcame were installation scaffolding being cancelled halfway through and needing to mobilise a work boat.  We designed, fabricated and mobilised a Wharf Work Box to help with installation which proved to be an innovative idea that helped the success of the project.

Flinders Ports
Berth 6 & 7 Outer Harbour, SA