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Craig Williams

Director – Marine & Construction Manager

Craig began working as an onsite employee for Williams Metal Fabrications in April 2004, primarily doing steel erection work.  Soon after he began an adult apprenticeship as a boilermaker and in 2007 he became a Director and co-owner of the business.

Today, as the Marine and Construction Manager, Craig oversees all site works from tender stage through to commissioning, working with clients throughout until the completion of their project.

Craig is known for his professionalism, his attention to detail, and for having the necessary experience to do what is required.  However, his greatest strength is working face-to-face with clients. He likes to get to know clients personally and help them feel comfortable during any stage of a job so they develop trust and believe in the quality, professionalism and experience Williams Metal Fabrications can bring to a project.

Craig loves the diversity within the business and the challenges that the company takes on. He enjoys being on site and having a laugh with the team – and even laughing at himself! He believes that if employees are surrounded by intensity too much of the time, it diminishes their concentration and performance.

One of his favourite projects was the Port Bonython Jetty Dolphins Rehabilitation contract, due to the challenges it brought at the tender stage and during design and construction. This project led to the purchase of a 2C Work Vessel, and Craig took a Coxswain course to operate the boat.   This Coxswain qualification – while not considered the ‘norm’ in the industry – is now a necessary requirement for the Marine projects that the company takes on. Owning and operating a commercial vessel has become a very important part of the service offering at Williams Metal Fabrications.


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