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Peter Williams

Director – Operations Manager

Peter Williams began working at Williams Metal Fabrications in 2006. As Operations Manager, he is responsible for maintaining a continuous workflow, managing delivery dates, informing clients on jobs as they progress, and ensuring that all end products meet the company’s high-quality standards. His tasks also include interviewing new job candidates, overseeing personnel, and ensuring that plant and equipment are maintained.

Peter has over 40 years of experience and skills in the metal fabrication industry, having worked in jobbing shops, structural steel manufacturing and installation, machinery and plant installation, mechanical installation and maintenance of conveyers, cladding buildings, manufacturing mining equipment and working on remote work sites all over Australia.

One of Peter’s favourite partnerships has been the work Williams Metal Fabrications has done with Staminalift. He says that it’s been very interesting watching this company grow and to be a part of their success and development.

As a co-owner of Williams Metal Fabrications, Peter is proud of the team and the work they achieve. In particular, he admires the wide range of skill sets among the employees and the fact that the workforce is becoming more culturally diverse, which is a great thing for the company and its future.


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