Trent Carvosso

Site Manager / Estimator

Trent Carvosso initially began working for Williams in 2012. After leaving the company and gaining experience as a mine major maintenance coordinator a few years later, he returned to Williams Metal Fabrications in January 2019.

In his current role as Site Manager / Estimator, he helps clients through problem-solving and by executing jobs as seamlessly as possible. His strong knowledge of fabrication, site erection and mining are great assets to both the company and to clients.

Trent is ambitious and keen to learn new skills, and he’s always on hand to give advice or assistance in the workshop and on site. Known for being easy-going and having a great sense of humour, he fits right in with the Williams Metal Fabrications culture and has great banter with his colleagues.

Trent likes being a part of the wide array of jobs that the company tackles, and he especially enjoyed the Seaford Rail project – the longest incrementally-launched structure in the Southern Hemisphere (at 1100 meters) and the third-longest in the world.


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